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Precision Air Inc has been a provider of HVAC Services to the San Diego community for many years.  Our technicians, located in the San Diego area have all the experience you need when seeking out HVAC installation and HVAC.  Our team has experience working in both residential and commercial structures and uses only top of the line materials and equipment to service and install your air conditioning and heating system.  No job is too small or too big and we offer some of the most competitive pricing on HVAC services in the San Diego area!


Our HVAC Services in San Diego and the surrounding North County San Diego area:

  1. AC Installation – While the temperate weather in San Diego is great, we are finding more and more people installing ac units on homes and offices that were previously without.  Also, many of the new construction projects in North County San Diego are being completed with air conditioning installation these days. Our highly trained team has years of experience installing ac units and uses only top of the line equipment and fine materials when working on our customers’ homes and businesses.  Best of all, we offer some of the most competitive rates on AC installation.
  2. HVAC Maintenance and Repair – No different than anything else in life your air conditioning and heating system requires maintenance to perform safely and efficiently, and from time to time a repair may also be needed as the HVAC system ages.  Our team at Precision Air Inc. is highly trained in maintaining your system so it performs at it’s best. Should it be necessary, our team also has the experience to accurately and honestly diagnose repairs that may be needed.
  3. Pre-season Preparation – Air conditioning systems are regulated appliances, requiring expert maintenance to properly function at the best rate of energy consumption.
  4. Annual Inspections  – An annual inspection allows a technician to identify dirty coils and burned out contactors before they cause long-term damage to your system.
  5. Heating Services – We specialize in repairing and installing all types of heating systems, including gas furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers.
  6. Ductless Mini Splits – We install and repair ductless mini splits for homes, & businesses. Ductless Mini Splits are a great way to create comfort without ductwork.


We are proud to be a one-stop HVAC contractor in San Diego.  We have been proudly serving San Diego and surrounding areas for years and our staff will be happy to give you a competitive and professional estimate when assessing your heating and air conditioning needs.  We understand that it gets hot in San Diego in the summertime and cold in the winter, which is why we will always make it our top priority to give you both a realistic cost and time estimate when assessing your HVAC repair or HVAC install.

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      We offer 24/7 Emergency Service to all of our customers. You can always count on AirPro Experts to get to you fast and get the job done right the first time. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the source of your heating and air conditioning problems and fix them fast.