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Heating & Air Conditioning Experts with over 30 years of experience. Serving all of San Diego County

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Our Approach

We treat our clients as a priority. We build long standing relationships, and our ability to install or repair anything HVAC related, always exceeds our client’s expectations. We learn who our clients are and remain involved in our community.

Our Story

Precision Air Inc was founded by Stephen after 10 years in the trade repairing, installing and maintaining large commercial HVAC equipment in San Diego. Over the years Stephen observed a lack of workmanship, pride, and skilled technicians in the San Diego area. Precision Air Inc was organized to become the solution to this issue. We assembled a seasoned team of professionals that have all been in the trade for 10 or more years. The team makes customer service our top priority and with our extensive experience the company quickly grew. Our staff of trade professionals are skilled in installing data room precision cooling systems, surgical rooms, clean rooms, manufacturing facilities, industrial process cooling, commercial office comfort cooling, and residential homes systems.

Meet the Team

Here we are! We are the ones that are working before the sun comes up, and after the sun goes down to keep you comfortable and your businesses’ operating whether it’s hot or cool outside.

Stephen Diefenderfer


I’m the owner/operator of Precision Air Inc. I provide expert heating & cooling solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial clients so they can keep their homes, offices, labs, and manufacturing facilities operating, and comfortable.


General Manager

I have been in the trade since 2005 and have extensive commercial install experience; including those in excess of 3 million and managing crews of 100+ installers. I have knowledge of all things construction; electrical, plumbing, framing, roofing, flooring, remodeling & more. Teaching others about my knowledge is something I have a passion for as I sincerely love my job & always try to have fun. On the weekends I enjoy playing Pokemon with my son and spending time with my beautiful wife and daughter.



I’ve lived in California for 5 years now. I was born and raised in Utah & have always enjoyed the artistic side of life while harnessing my OCD into my super power! Music, drawing, abstract creativity and puppies are at the core of what brings me happiness. I enjoy all sports, but baseball is steadfast as number one. On the weekends I enjoy hiking & trying new restaurants. The best advice I’ve ever been given;

“Fall seven times; stand up eight.”



I am a lifelong resident of Southern California & graduated from CSUSM. I enjoy all aspects of Southern California life, the beaches, mountains and the desert. I am a mom to 4 girls, which keep me quite busy. My oldest currently raises livestock with her high school FFA to take to the San Diego County Fair. Her younger sisters cannot wait to begin raising their own animals.  I am also an avid football and Nascar fan. I enjoy visiting various local breweries around the county with my friends.



I’ve lived in San Diego for 7 years now. I was born in the Philippines and Atlanta, Georgia is what I consider home. I enjoy getting to know people and their life stories. On my free time, I love to travel, workout, go to beach, hang with friends and family but honestly Wi-Fi, FOOD and my bed is true perfection in my heart.



I am originally from New England. I moved to South Carolina and Florida in 2005. I also spent 2 years from 2016-2018 in Nicaragua as a university exchange student. I really enjoy that simple, cultural, and adventurous type of lifestyle. I moved to San Diego, CA in 2018 to be close to my favorite niece who just had her first baby. I have been involved in the HVAC trade as an administrator for 15 years, and had owned company with 16 employees for several years as well. I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren who all live in Charleston, SC. My hobbies include SCUBA diving, fishing (catching is even better), swimming, travel to Mexico, hiking, sightseeing, reading, and fixing things.

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